Tuesday, October 6, 2015

[WIP] Getting Back Into Sculpting

One drawback of being a Level Artist in a larger team and focusing more-so on the big picture and not as much the nitty-gritty details anymore (as you often have Modelers/Environment Artists under you that you're delegating that to), is that some skills kind of fall by the wayside a bit...namely high-end sculpting. And that's something I'm working on changing.

I'm slowly getting back to it over the last couple of weeks in my free time, and finally got a result I didn't want to puke on tonight. Been sculpting while having Clinton Crumpler's excellent Digital Tutors' tutorial playing in the background.

Here were tonight's results, no ref was being used, just getting used to all the different brushes again:

Forgive me Zbrush gods.

Will slowly skill back up! Been a while. I mostly did sculpting in Mudbox before too, but making a point to learn Zbrush better now, sculpting just feels so much better in it.

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