Thursday, November 19, 2015

[WIP] From Puke-worthy to Rock?

Still plugging away at practicing my Zbrush sculpting in my free time when I manage to somehow rip myself off of playing Fallout 4/Star Wars Battlefront!

At work today, Darren Horrocks was nice enough to show me some of his neat little tips & tricks he uses when he approaches rock sculpting, some of the main ones:

  • Define the main large shapes by using the handy 'Clip Curve' brush
  • Breaking up any straight lines and adding a bit of a more organic touch with the 'Crumple' brush + cleaning up a bit after with the 'Trim Smooth Border'
  • Adding a bit of rocky texture by adding Noise through the Noisemaker tool under the Surface tab
  • And to top it all off, revealing that noise selectively either by Masking by Noise + sculpting over it OR creating a Morph Target before applying the noise and masking it the noise once applied with the 'Morph' brush

Here's a little (and embarrassing) look from the very first night I got back to sculpting to where I am after tonight's iteration on the same rock (with proper ref this time around):

Forgive me again Zbrush gods.

Still a ways to go, but feels like I'm getting better again. Forgot how much I enjoyed sculpting!